Clement Escoffier

Clement Escoffier

September 23rd, 2011

From 16:00 to 17:00




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Rationalize Android development with StAnD

500 000 Android handsets are being activated every day and the Android Marketplace contains more than 200 000 apps, yet there are still many challenges to overcome when developing Android applications. StAnD is a set of open-source components aiming to ease, simplify & improve your Android development at each stage of the process.
 This talk will show how these components can be combined to drastically improve your development, making your work more efficient and your applications more robust. First, it will explain how Maven can be used to easily build your Android application and support continuous integration. Applications released using this build process are Marketplace ready and can be continuously tested.
 Then, the talk will move to the development model itself, and how we can reduce the boilerplate code by promoting modularity and using an injection framework. Finally, we will address improving the robustness of your application through better testing, logging and reporting.

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