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Simon Redfern

Programmer, Entrepreneur and Composer

Simon Redfern

Simon Redfern is a Programmer, Entrepreneur and Composer. Actively collaborating in both technical and artistic projects, he initiated and leads several long term web projects including the media and social platforms musicpictures.com and eviscape.com.

In 2010, he started an initiative called the "Open Bank Project", which aims to “raise the bar of financial transparency”. The Open Bank Project applies open source and web 2.0 principles to open up financial transactions on a real time basis to a greater range of software applications and groups of people.

In 2005 Simon started a technical consultancy called TESOBE - Technical Solutions Berlin, supporting clients with their web and mobile application programming, database administration and hosting. He launched Music Pictures Ltd., an online music picture library, in 2000. TESOBE will soon launch “ChooseNDo”, a location based marketplace for small retailers and producers.

Before starting his own businesses he worked as an analyst and programmer on large web/database systems used by media and engineering organisations including the BBC.


Humanitarian FOSS
September 23rd, 2011 From 13:00 To 17:00