Philippe Montargès

Philippe Montargès

Co-founder and co-president ( France)

Laurent Séguin picture

Laurent Séguin

Président ( France)

Roberto Di Cosmo

Roberto Di Cosmo

Director of the Free / Open Source Research and Initiative ( France)

Ludovic Dubost

Ludovic Dubost

CEO ( France)

Jean-Francois Caenen

Jean-Francois Caenen

Chief Technology Officer ( France)

Pierre Ramain

Pierre Ramain

Vivien Bernet-Rolande

Vivien Bernet-Rolande

September 22nd, 2011

From 11:50 to 12:40




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Open source jobs, are they different jobs ? What kind of balance between business needs and education? The open source, new technological lift, and therefore social

Defining whether or not Open Source jobs are truly separate jobs and what is the answer of education
 Displaying the attractiveness of open source companies, how to attract young graduates? Creating a “background noise” in order to make young people choose the open source industry as an issue to facilitate the access to digital jobs…


Jobs & FOSS by Philippe Montargès
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