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New Gold Sponsor: Intel AppUp℠ Developer Program

August 24Wed, 2011

Intel AppUp℠ Developer Program a new Gold Sponsor for Open World Forum.

The Intel AppUp℠ developer program (IADP) provides you with everything you need to easily develop and sell applications for netbooks and tablets, and in a second phase for smartphones, consumer electronics and more. The program offers a selection of OS and runtimes, allowing you to code with adapted languages and tools that you already use. Program features include: easy to use tools-including an SDK, easy deployment and validation, revenue and marketing opportunities, and a Component Catalog to buy and sell application components.

Intel AppUp℠ presence at the Open World Forum means a lot for the Open Source communities as it embodies its strong commitment in great Open Source forums. After the Intel Music Hackathon that took place in June in Paris, IADP intends to organize other hacking marathons with various themes in the upcoming months. IADP wants to stimulate and inspire application developers.