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  • The Code Awards @ OWF 

We have three days to talk about open source, but without source code there is nothing to open. An Open Source event without some hacking going around is like a Chili Con Carne without meat. Like bubbleless champagne. Lasagna without Celery. The Open World Forum Code Awards, is the perfect occasion, to show your prowess while giving love to the Open Source projects that make your life so much better each day.

  •  On Thursday and Friday come and code at the OWF, friday evening at 18:00 will be the glamourous Code Award Ceremony.
  • Format

A list of subjects will be given on thursday they can be something like: Build a realtime dashboard for Blurb, Find a Velib itinerary from the OWF to the neareast Blah or Rewrite our voting application...

 * The code really should leverage existing open source projects, frameworks libraries, infrastructures... 

 * As much as possible it should be a demonstration of the awesomeness of the projects used

 * The code should be short, less then 600 LOC, but the shorter the sweeter

 * The code must be published on a publicly available code repository (GitHub, CodePlex, BitBucket, YourOwnPubliclyAvailableRepository ...)

 * The project must be entered on this site.. you can sign-in with your twitter, github or live account. Write  a short description of what it does, the list of projects and libraries it uses, a url for the repository, and if it runs anywhere... a link to the live url.

  • Voting will start on Friday at 3PM

A jury of experts and the public vote will determine the winners.

  • What would you win?

1. Total respect for you

2. Total respect and a bunch of buzz for the project(s) you put forward

3. A magnificent trophy 

4. Two incredibly awesome XT931UT Elitebook 2540s Laptops from HP

  • The Code Awards is Sponsored by Microsoft. The prizes are sponsored by HP