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Lars Kurth

community manager , ( UK)

Lars Kurth

Lars Kurth is community manager for the community at Citrix, leading a small team to grow, inspire and enthuse the global Xen hypervisor community. Lars is a passionate community manager and open source enthusiast with strong experience of working with and for diverse open source communities such as GNU, Eclipse, Linux, Symbian and Symbian DevCo. Lars is a generalist with a wide range of skills in software development and methodology, leading and building engineering teams, communities, marketing, product management and change programs impacting 1000s of users. Lars has 17 years of industry experience in the infrastructure, tools and mobile sector working at ARM, Citrix, Nokia and the Symbian Foundation.Personally, Lars has a wide range of interests such as literature, theatre, cinema, cooking and gardening. He is particularly fascinated by orchids and carnivorous plants and has built a rather large collection of plants from all over the world. His love for plants extends into a passion for travel, in particular to see plants grow in their native habitats.