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Workshop - Open Data: The Way to Digital Democracy

Conference: Open Data: the way to digital democracy

Is e-government of the future an open platform? How will this affect citizens and businesses? Which are the possible benefits and risks? What early experiments are taking place today, and what is the long-term vision for the future?


September 30, 2010, from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM - Register >



A short introduction to Open Data

This talk will offer a brief survey of the Open Data phenomenon from various points of views: historical, political, technological, legal and economic. It will present the key players, the various points of views and the various drivers. It will also cover the worldwide situation, with a specific focus on the French territory.


Five key points regarding the use and distribution of open data in France

This talk will present a synthesis of the French legal framework applicable applicable to Public Open Data. Law n° n°78-753 date July 17th, 1978 (referred to as "Loi CADA") has enacted the right for citizens to access to any administrative document he is relating to, created the concept of administrative document and public open data, allowing the use and distribution of the latter. After several legal evolutions, the rules for the access to admnistrative documents and distribution of public open data are clearly defined

Alan Walter, Attorney at Law, Information Technologies / Intellectual Property / Commercial Law


Fing's project about local open data: 2 areas, 40 applications

In France, open data is currently becoming a real topic for the public sector with good progress. But localy, the situation is not so good. The Fing is going to explore local open data in 2 French areas with the goal to see 40 applications launched by local teams: students, artists, companies, etc. The two-part talk will provide a presentation of local open data subject and a short presentation of the project and the way « open people » can join in.

Charles Nepote, Fing


The Data Publica project

The objective of the Data Publica project is to build and manage a market place where: public and private organizations which own data can publish their meta-data, the way to access the corresponding data and the license under which it is usable, and Internet and mobile application developers can search and visualize the meta data, create new applications and deploy them by using the data according the licenses granted. Initial focus of the project is on data available from French organizations. The project was started in January of 2010 and will deliver a beta version of the platform in December of the same year. The talk will provide a general presentation of the project and its current status.

Cédric Carbone, Talend CTO / OW2 Board Member


OpenData: a catalyst towards a new relationship between citizens and their representatives 

There exists two distinct views when it comes to discussing public data. On one hand, a short term view focuses on immediate ROI based on the commerce of public data by the administration or private companies. On the other hand stands the Open Data movement, which bets on indirect development : social innovation, new companies creation, new services for citizens, democratic transparency, ... Reflecting the 12 months of experience of Regards Citoyens, we invite you to discover the value of OpenData for innovation and its benefits towards a better transparent democracy for the citizens. 

Tangui Morlier, Regards Citoyens


The Dime Project on Open Data for Open Society

Summary: this talk will present the first research paper developed for the DIME project on this theme by M. Fioretti for the Laboratory of Economics Management of the S. Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa, Italy (see The starting point of the research is the acknowledgement that digital data of all kinds are already continuously used as basis for laws, policies and budgets, at all levels and in all public sectors, including education and scientific research. These are all activities which impact all citizens, therefore unrestricted access to such information should be a key part of every policy aimed to create an open and competitive digital economy. Using Free, Open Source software to generate and manage those data can save money, but makes almost no difference, as far as true e-democracy is concerned, if those data aren't really available to everybody.Consequently, the research programme has three main part. The first is to go beyond FOSS, that is clearly describe the crucial importance of fully accessible and reusable digital raw data for a truly open society, and their role in fostering economical and cultural development. The second is to measure how and how often the same data are actually made available by the organizations which create them. Finally, the programme will produce a series of guidelines and best practices for improving full access to public digital data. The Open World Forum talk would present the main results of the first part of the research and describe how the measures will be performed through an online survey. More information about the paper and the whole research project is available online at

Marco Fioretti 


Pause and networking




Francois Bancilhon
Francois Bancilhon
CXO, Rydeka (France)
Cedric Carbone
Cedric Carbone
Talend CTO / OW2 Board Member (France)
Marco Fioretti
Marco Fioretti
Freelance writer, trainer, popularizer (Italia )
Tangui Morlier
Tangui Morlier
Co-founder of Regards Citoyens (France)
Charles Nepote
Charles Nepote
Program Director, Identités Actives, Fing (France)
Alan Walter
Alan Walter
Attorney at law, Member of the Paris Bar (France)


Please note that only the attendees who desired to be publically displayed will be listed here, so there may be more attendees that you currently see.

  • Nanja Appel , ICTU / NOiV
  • François Bancilhon , Rydeka
  • Dino Bendiab , Dino Bendiab
  • CYRILLE BERAUD , Savoir-faire Linux
  • Gottfried Beyreuther , Agence Art In Situ
  • Pim Bliek , PingWings
  • michel briand , ville de Brest
  • Cedric CARBONE , Talend
  • Bart Copeland , ActiveState Software Inc.
  • Xavier Corval , Himalaya / GCD
  • Couturier david , Plazzle
  • Alvaro del Castillo San Félix , Andago
  • Rik Driessen , Tweede Kamer
  • Olivier K. Esclauze , Smartsystem
  • Alea Fairchild , The Constantia Institute bvba
  • Pierre Formosa ,
  • Sophie Gamerman , Rhapso
  • Franck Gandcher , Freelance IT Legal advice & training
  • Stanislas Garret , Autoliv
  • alexis GAYTE , sans
  • Patrick Genoud , State of Geneva
  • Pierre-Olivier GUERIN , La Vie d'Après (
  • Muhammad Hafiz , MH
  • Masayuki Hatta , Institute of Intellectual Property
  • Lutz Henckel , Fraunhofer FOKUS
  • Jan Husar , European Council
  • Jean-Baptiste Ingold , / Explorateurs du Web
  • Michael Jackson , Advent Ventures
  • Géza Juhász , VÁTI Hungarian Public Nonprofit Limited Liability Company for Regional Development and Town Planning
  • Egle Karalyte , InfinVision
  • Nicolas Klein , STAR-APIC
  • sophie Le Pallec , GS1
  • Stephane Lestage ,
  • Laurent Marbacher , Comind
  • Thierry Masnou , consultant
  • Piet Hein Minnecre , NOiV
  • Xavier Moisant ,
  • Jean-Philippe Moreau , OVELIA - Groupe Feel Europe
  • Dave Neary , Neary Consulting
  • Benjamin Ooghe , Regards Citoyens
  • Hubert Pampouille , INRA
  • Olivier Paradis , OP
  • Olivier Paradis , OP
  • Aneta Podsiadla , Nicolaus Copernicus University
  • Ludovic Pénet , Sénat
  • Julien Rabier , /
  • Hans Rajoharison , Node Services Ltd
  • Valérie Schafer , Institut des sciences de la communication du CNRS
  • Volker Schmidt , Open Werkplek
  • misagh shakeri , lanetscouade
  • Steve Speicher , IBM
  • Henry Story ,
  • Jim Stukas , JNG Consulting
  • samuel szoniecky , Université Paris 8 - Hypermédia - Paragraphe
  • Benoît Thieulin , La Netscouade
  • Mieke van Heesewijk , Burgerlink - NOIV
  • Alan Walter , Attorney at law
  • Gregoire Wibaux , Atos Worldline
  • Georg Zoche , United Transnational Republics
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