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Conference - FLOSS Visions

Conference: FLOSS Visions 

This session is composed of ten presentations during 6, 12, or 18 minutes. We will present you some important matters matching the FLOSS problematics. The format is done in order to make this session more dynamic. You will learn a lot and discover new subject. Let's enjoy...


September 30, 2010, from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM - Register >


Make short presentations with interesting contents and a lot of information to have a dynamic session.

FLOSS Vision


Workshop leader: Houily Du (AlterWay) , Nicolas Brunot (Ayeba)

Open Source and its Role in Lean Development, duration: 18 min

Forward thinking development shops are adopting Lean Software principles and many are doing so by using open source software (OSS) frameworks and runtimes. Join Forrester Principal Analyst Jeffrey Hammond as he examines the dynamics that connect the open source movement to Lean principles. Jeffrey will also discuss the process adjustments required when an organization decides to use OSS frameworks as part of its Lean Software strategy. This session will cover:

  • Forrester’s market analysis of the adoption trends of OSS application platforms, frameworks, and tools
  • What makes an open source component or solution suited to a Lean Software shop
  • What process and organizational adjustments are needed to implement a Lean Software strategy based on OSS
Jeffrey Hammond, Forrester


Open Bank Project (Simon Redfern), duration: 6 min

We aim to create an Open Source, Open Standard API that will support and inspire a diverse range of software applications that make use of data currently locked behind closed banking IT systems: Mobile applications, fraud detection systems, m-payment, micro-credit and micro-finance systems, web communities / platforms and financial applications for both the banked and “unbanked” populations are just some of the potential consumers of the OBP API

Thus the OPEN BANK PROJECT will create a radical ‘opening’ of banking transactions. It promotes both financial transparency and security by engaging public vigilance (‘many eyes’), increasing customers’ confidence in organizations and financial institutions that adopt the "OPEN BANK PROTOCOL". It enhances and supports dialogue between key stake-holders involved in financial transactions and decision-making.

Simon Redfern, TESOBE

Attitudes to FLOSS adoption: regional variations, duration: 18 min

The objective of this presentation is to discuss the different attitudes to FOSS adoption in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. It will include the results and a discussion of The 451 Group's survey of 1,700 open source users and comparison of the results from different regions.

Matthew Aslett, 451 Group

Building a community within a corporation (Jean-Yves Reynaud), duration: 12 min

Share a real experience of building a community of practice in a big corporation, giving what worked and what did not. Thus, attendees would be able to bring back home some "cooking recipes".

Jean Yves Reynaud, CTO & COO EMEA AirVantage at Sierra Wireless

Digital Content: Building applications around data and standards : how and why (Juan-David Ibanez Palomar), duration: 6 min

Most of current CMS completely obfuscate the way documents are stored. Switch of the application and you will loose your data.

We will talk about benefits of building applications which respect data and the original way they are stored. This architecture choice, may not only lead to perennial data long time after application died, but have also other benefits.

iKaaro (, an extensible CMS follow this data and standard centric architecture. 

Juan David Ibanez Palomar, Itaapy


“Freen” IT : Free as in Green IT…, duration: 18 min

Will Free/Open-Source software save the planet? Computers have their share of responsibility in the environmental challenges humanity is currently facing. Awareness is growing about the opportunity to think of IT in a different, more environmentally friendly, way - a concept known as "Green IT". Computing supergiants such as Google make the media headlines when they struggle to lower their power bill - even planning to build datacenters close to nuclear powerplants. But from the planet's standpoint, electric consumption is only the tip of the iceberg. Green IT also is a matter of electronic waste (WEEE), smart grid, open design of collective infrastructures and faster innovation rate through openness.

François Letellier, Independant Consultant

Frederic Bordage, Green IT Expert


Plume and Relier: To improve the visibility of software produced by research laboratories, duration: 12 min

This talk informs attendees on the PLUME projet and its RELIER initiative to improve visibility of the software developped at research laboratories, mostly free/open source software. The public is intended to be from the academic community, but the PLUME platform is open to everybody.

Teresa Gomez Diaz, LIGM

Jean-Luc Archimbaud, UREC

Véronique Baudin, LAAS

Openness in the GIS field (Vincent Picavet), duration: 12 min

Geographical information is everywhere. While it has always been true since we live in a geographic world, wide use of digital geographic information is currently seeing an explosion, in terms of usages, data volumes, accessibility and diversity of sources.

This presentation intends to demonstrate how the GIS market opens itself.

Vincent Picavet, Oslandia

Open communities: lpOD a multi-langage project, duration: 12 min

lpOD develops a set of multilanguage tools around the OpenDocument Format standard.

  • Development of a library implementing the ISO/IEC 26300 OpenDocument Format standard in extenso.
  • Development of a set of high-level APIs in the Python, Perl, Ruby languages. The project has some industrial relevance through projects and applications in the fields of Business Intelligence (BI) , CMS applied to museography, ETL, etc.

The lpOD project gathers 8 private and public entities : Open source providers as well as Research Laboratories. Each of them specialist in a different area of interest and technology. This means different cultures and different short term goals.

We will discuss achievements of the project as well as communication, success and difficulties around the project. Which tools and which strategies proves to be efficient.

Luis Belmar Letelier, Itaapy

Charles-H Schulz, Ars Aperta


Open communities: The Three communities (from the thesis of my book), duration: 6 min

François Elie, ADULLACT AFUL




Pause and networking




Jean-Luc Archimbaud
Jean-Luc Archimbaud
Project manager of PLUME-FEATHER (France)
Matt Aslett
Matt Aslett
Senior Analyst, Enterprise Software, The 451 Group (UK)
Veronique Baudin
Veronique Baudin
Research engineer at CNRS-LAAS (France)
Frederic Bordage
Frederic Bordage
Green IT and sustainable ICT expert founder (France)
Francois Elie
Francois Elie
Co-founder and president of Adullact, Vice-president of AFUL (France)
Teresa Gomez Diaz
Teresa Gomez Diaz
CNRS research engineer (France)
Jeffrey Hammond
Jeffrey Hammond
Principal Analyst, Forrester (USA)
Juan David Ibanez Palomar
Juan David Ibanez Palomar
CTO of Itaapy (France)
Francois Letellier
Francois Letellier
Consultant indépendant (France)
Vincent Picavet
Vincent Picavet
co-founder of Oslandia (France)
Simon Redfern
Simon Redfern
Programmer, Entrepreneur and Composer (Germany)
Jean-Yves Reynaud
Jean-Yves Reynaud
CTO & COO EMEA AirVantage at Sierra Wireless (France)
Charles-H Schulz
Charles-H Schulz
Co-Founder and associate, Ars Aperta (France)


Please note that only the attendees who desired to be publically displayed will be listed here, so there may be more attendees that you currently see.

  • Freddy Allilaire , Obeo
  • florent andré , ooffee
  • heger attaya , france
  • Ulf Avrin , TELLUS International
  • Tarus B , The OpenNMS Group, Inc.
  • Xavier BENICHOU , XBe-Conseil
  • Olivier Berger , Institut Telecom
  • Frank Bergmann , ]project-open[
  • Robert S. Blasi, Esq. , Goodwin Procter LLP
  • Paul Broekhoven , Progress Software
  • Juliette BRON , Generali France
  • Adéline Campos-Hugueney , Hachette Livre
  • Alain Chartier , Simplement
  • Mohamed Cherb , Audaxis
  • alexis chevrant-breton , EADS DCS
  • Bruno Cornec , Hewlett-Packard
  • Stéphane Dalmas , INRIA
  • Martha de Monclin , Bijou PR
  • dominique desage , Thales
  • Marco Dirani , Relationroutes
  • Pierre-Laurent Dugré , Obeo
  • Jérôme Dumonteil , Ars Aperta
  • abdrahman elkafil , SYSTEMUM
  • Oliver Fendt , Siemens AG
  • Emmanuel FERRET , self employed
  • pierre goulaouic , université blaise pascal, clermont-ferrand
  • etienne grignou , université de brest
  • rony guenniche , unemployed
  • Mathias Gérard , UTC-Scenari
  • Vincent Hanniet , Mia-Software
  • Cyril Hansen , DIRECT ENERGIE
  • Klaus Hofeditz , ]project-open[
  • Herbert Knibiehly , Tellmewhere
  • Philippine Laniesse , University of Clermont-Ferrand
  • Gwenaël Le Guillou , University of Clermont-Ferrand
  • Laurent Lebret , Atelier TM
  • Herve Leroux , alfresco
  • Marc LY , Entrepreneur
  • Mario Mario , CETIM
  • Mel McIntyre , OpenApp
  • Matteo Melideo , Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.
  • ilonga lumeya michel , particulier
  • cedric monnier , irdeto
  • Alexis Monville , Ayeba
  • Isabel Monville , alto humano
  • Marc Nazarian , Xerox
  • Patrick , Spirula
  • Vincent Picavet , Oslandia
  • olivier pinette , Spirula
  • Mikko Puhakka , Cone Advisor
  • Evelyne ROGUE , EN
  • Daniel-Marie Rouault , Red Hat
  • Gabriele Ruffatti , Engineering Group
  • Nicolas Sabouret , Université Pierre & Marie Curie
  • Raphaël Semeteys , Atos Origin
  • Christiana Soares de Freitas , Federal University of Brasilia
  • Miguel Solís , Nul-Unu
  • Mate Soos , INRIA
  • JanArnoud tenCate , teCis ICT-Services
  • Jean-Francois VALLET , Osaxis
  • franck vallée , sodifrance
  • Erik Van Rompay ,
  • Claus von Riegen , SAP AG
  • Sylvain Wallez , Apache Software Foundation
  • Taotao Xu , Huawei
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